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Replied on June 19, Thanks for the info! I am using Premium at the moment. I am waiting for Windows 10 to be release before I upgrade to True Imageor whatever comes after that and that is compatible. The version should not have any issues with Windows 10 as Windows 10 is made to be backwards compatible with all the Windows 8.

There may be some minor discrepancies that could cause problems, but we shall see when Windows 10 is finally released. The same goes for Buy True Image 11 Home 64 bit Image If Acronis is willing to release a patched version of True Imageany problems introduced with Windows 10 will go away. It all depends on the software vendor really.

As far Buy True Image 11 Home 64 bit I know True Image is still supported, and will be for the coming months. But True Image is not, so those users myself included will be out of luck if there are any incompatibility issues with Windows 10 once it is released.

As a side not, I can inform you that Disk Director 11 is not compatible with Buy True Image 11 Home 64 bit 8 and 8.

Up until recently, version 11 was the only version available. Acronis does not prioritize the Disk Director product as high as True Image. The Disk Director 11 installs on a Windows 8. It even runs! But it has some issues with these systems under the bonnet. Don't take my word for it, it was some time ago. But I know it did not work as expected with all partition or disk types. It's only recently that Acronis finally decided to release a version 12 of Disk Director. You can expect this kind of under-the-bonnet issues with True Image as well.

Merely being able to install a software on the system does not guarantee that it will be operating normally under all conditions. So it's best to make sure the software vendor lists that system as compatible, before you make a buying and migration decision.

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Buy True Image 11 Home 64 bit


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