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Living Architecture to self-teaching ArchiCAD, it is exceedingly difficult to wrap my head around the absent logic of the system and a major step backwards in operational smoothness. They are both advanced and mature BIM software applications. Each with their own merits. Rather than discussing which one is best overall, you should investigate which one is the best fit for you. Today, market seems to go towards Revit being an Autodesk-marketed product , sometimes up to the level of enforced usage which I strongly object.

Graphisoft seems to have marked share in Europe and Australia, not sure about other places. Autodesk is king in the US Graphisoft recently did a significant overhaul of ArchiCAD's core.

Revit will likely make some advancements. It's good for the marketplace for both to be viable. Without competition, nothing will prompt better customer service and responsiveness for new program features. For the betterment of both Reconsider things like reflection, patterns of the surfaces, density, transparency etc.

Choosing of colors — Sometimes, the wrong colors can make our work seem incomplete or sometimes the hours and hours of working are just invisible.

Choose colors and materials wisely, so anyone can distinguish the ambient of the interior. Your rendering should transport your idea and not confuse. Regard all the lights in the scene — There is a huge difference between doing a daylight render and the night time one. However, you should always bear in mind that playing with lights whether natural or artificial is actually what makes a great render differ from the one which is not so good.

Use external materials, textures and objects — It is important to say that ARCHICAD is a BIM software, which purpose is to make architectural projects which are ready to be built, not primarily to make beautiful architecture visualization. Undoubtedly, this is an amazing software where you are able to make a great interior scene to present your design and creativity, but if you really want something stunning you should use some tricks — external resources for materials, textures and objects.

Now, we are coming straight to the point, how to make a stunning interior architectural rendering. Firstly, we are going to speak about daylight renders and the right setting of the sun, and afterwards, a bit complicated but more than interesting — night scenes.

Firstly, set up the scene — choose the elements of the design, objects and add whatever you consider as essential part of the scene. Put the right camera angle, which will show all the relevant information and hide any potential weaknesses of the project.

Remember, in this particular case interior , your task is to concentrate on the certain ambient not on the whole. This is really important, because it will save you some time.

ArchiCAD Tutorial | Video Tip – How To Set Door & Window IDs Quickly

Oct 21,  · ArchiCAD Tutorials - Free ArchiCAD Tutorial at Tutorial Hero Your daily source for ArchiCAD tutorials, tips and tricks. Tutorial Hero - one of the largest ArchiCAD tutorial collections on . Order GraphiSoft ArchiCAD ARCHICAD enthusiasts, BIM managers and design team leaders are invited to attend GRAPHISOFT's first global learning event for end-users, happening October , in xdpsvx.meAD, BIMx, BIMcloud knowledge base from GRAPHISOFT. Sep 26,  · By default I believe there are no keyboard shortcuts. But you can set up your own in the Work Environment. If you have reached the top of the stack and other items are still on top then they too are at the top of the stack and the default stacking order will be used again.

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