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In many examples of successful 3d printed models, we have seen designers take advantage of the production driven restrictions associated with creating hollows or cavity patterns along a model surface which increases its aesthetic beauty while reducing the amount of material and therefore the production cost. Next, we shall see how a patterned hollow can be made with Alias.

To design a hollowed pattern, you need to start by drawing a series of parallel lines that will be projected on the surfaces of your object, which will then be used to cut the surfaces and create patterns on them. You must also take care that the thickness of the stripes you create are not lower than the minimum wall thickness for the Plastic material, which has been fixed at 0. After this operation, your model will lose its volume, so you need to add extra thickness by offsetting all its surfaces.

Next, you should set a thickness of 1. Clearance is the space between two facing component surfaces that are in a relationship of relative motion with one another. It is important to note that every material has a minimum clearance value that must be respected, and the more clearance you use the better it would be for your model. Next, you intersect a cylinder with a base diameter of 3.

This means that a clearance space of 0. This image would then help you determine the minimum thickness and clearance space the final object requires to function. Mesure elements and distances To ensure the solidity of your model and eliminate weak pressure points, you need to take care while completing the last trimming operation to check if the holes you made in the middle of your model are not too close to one another on the surface pattern that was previously created.

To be sure that you are not generating a weak point on your model i. In this case the space checked is acceptable, so you can go ahead with the model. Producing correct shells To complete the second component of the model, you need to add two elements to the extremities of the pivot previously created. This component is now made up of 3 closed intersecting figures that will generate a valid, watertight, mesh for this configuration.

Nevertheless, this configuration is still not suitable to be printed as it would require a subsequent Boolean unifying operation in another mesh fixing software in order to make the object printable.

You can then select the exact tools you need to eliminate the errors. When this occurs it is advised that you troubleshoot every error individually to find the right solution to them. Closed intersecting elements belonging to the same component are generally called shells and to simplify the model, it is best to have each component of the model made up of just one shell. To achieve this, all you have to do is intersect and cut the unnecessary areas on these surfaces.

Embossing graphics or text The shape of the object is now complete and what is left is embossing the Sculpteo logo on top of your model. What you need to do first in this case, is to import a vector file of the logo in a DWG or DXF format, then scale and position it as desired over the chosen surface.

It is important to note that printing curved 3D surfaces can lead to inaccuracies due to resolution. Surface mapping is a technique that allows you to apply textures and images to a mesh, and. Surface mapping can be done with other powerful CAD software applications such as Autodesk 3d software, 3D Studio Max, and also with the free Blender software. For example is your folks who claim to foot affected Morris Motors the box stuffed with will show very autodesk alias surface mac financial advantage to the ended as to reduce.

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Alias Surface 2014 Program Cost

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