How to buy Divergent media EditReady once?

You can open multiple EditReady windows so you can compress files from different sources using different settings all at the same time. EditReady is not a resource hog. This section of the chip does not report its usage in Activity Monitor.

Because of this EditReady is able to maximize performance, while the general purpose sections of the CPU are still idle for use by other processes. Edit Ready is very RAM efficient, leaving plenty of overhead for other software.

Here is his response. We already have a number of video compression utilities, why did you create EditReady? We surveyed the market and found the compression tools that existed focus on general purpose transcoding. From the popularity of ClipWrap, we knew there was a market for tools tailor made for workflow specific use cases.

More and more cameras are shooting in heavily compressed interframe codecs that are poorly suited for editorial. We wanted to make a tool for quickly converting a pile of disparate footage into a single clean, organized, well named, edit-ready format.

Who do you see as the principle market for the software? We target professional and prosumer video creators. People who plan to edit their content, produce dailies, make H. Does this replace ClipWrap? Add in thumbnails, preview, metadata editing, and LUT-based color correction, and we think its an excellent replacement for ClipWrap.

The advantage of making such a laser-focused product is how simple we can make the process. The UI is designed to make it super easy to take disparate source media and transcode everything into a single format for editing. This can save users a ton of time and frustration fiddling with settings. For people who refuse to read manuals, what secret tip about the software should they know about? I think the features people are most surprised by are the things EditReady does for you automatically.

Compression software has traditionally barraged users with settings and options they have to properly configure given their source media to achieve a quality output. Because we do all of that automatically based on the metadata we parse within the source media — without user intervention — its common for customers to assume we are somehow more basic than other apps.

In a similar vein, many users are not aware of our camera file parsing. If you drop a folder of camera original clips onto the app, EditReady will automatically join spanned clips into a single seamless movie.

Is there a quality difference, or just a speed difference, when using EditReady compared to other compression software? It depends which apps you are comparing us to. Many of the other transcoding solutions have subpar color science or unlicensed ProRes implementation. And by choosing the newest foundation to build upon, we are able to achieve this while also being the fastest tool on the market. Can EditReady be automated; i.

So users can roll their own workflow automations. Users are always amazed how fast EditReady is. Both the speed of actual file transcodes, and how quickly they can launch the app and setup a batch to transcode. We really pride ourselves on how painless we make the process. It is ideally suited for organizing the mess of video formats that every editor faces on a daily basis into something manageable for their video editing software. EditReady is a fast, flexible, simple to use video converter, created by the same folks that created ClipWrap.

If you are looking for a tool to help speed your editing, provide greater flexibility with clip naming, change the timecode of a source clip, or simplify media management, you need to take a long look at EditReady.

The renaming feature enables me to identify each camera position easily after the shoot instead of asking my camera people to change their naming within their cameras. The renaming function is also helpful when you are giving the footage to the client. In FCPX imported footage goes into a hidden folder within the library not hard to get to but using EditReady puts the footage wherever you want. Some other downfall is the fact that the software often relies on an internet connection and if you don't have one or you lose the connection while you're working, your data could be deleted.

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However, if you wish to transcode the file at the same time, you are given several codec choices to choose from. As shown below, there is also the opportunity to have the converted files open in your NLE or Quicktime wrapper of choice.

Once rewrapping and transcoding is complete, I would then suggest that you open Final Cut Pro and import the files you converted in ClipWrap. Within the Audio Preferences you have the choice between creating either a Stereo or Multichannel Output for 5. By default, ClipWrap will convert AC-3 5. This allows you to have complete control over your audio layout. However, if you are editing in an older application, or are mixing 5.

Because many of these AVCHD camcorders have recording file size limits, the camcorders will create multiple files to work around this limitation. These files then need to be rejoined during a rewrap or transcode so that playback is free from any glitches.

Since AVCHD camcorders number their files sequentially, ClipWrap will parse the metadata from the camera to determine clip spanning and join them as one.

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how to buy Divergent media EditReady once?


EditReady: Advanced Workflows

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