Is MotionBuilder 2015 worth buying?

Last modification: After finishing my animated short "Home" a year ago, I began feeling the itch to get a new project going. As a workaholic who lives and breathes 3D, I began thinking about what's next. I'm a big fan of Scandinavian architecture and style, so I decided to go in this direction as I had with Home, but with a new twist. I aimed for objects that most people could afford - this is where Ikea comes in! Its furniture looks good and, most importantly, it's affordable so it fit perfectly into my scene.

From the very beginning, I wanted my girlfriend Ania to be a part of my short. I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect apartment and style before I was satisfied with the look.

Long story short, I modeled a few different apartments before I was happy, and this is one of the reasons why the project took this long to finish! These are some early test renders from the very first apartment I made: This is from one of the later apartments where I tested different camera angles, styling and materials. This was the most complicated and time-consuming project I've ever created and a major reason was due to the modeling.

I'm still unsure how many models I created, but I'm fairly confident I wouldn't be lying if I said more than Lots of the models even went unused, since I changed the project so many times. Overview of some of the models I created: I know what you're thinking - why waste so much time creating models when you can buy great models online?

My personal motto: Here are a few viewport images of the finished apartment: An overview of the interior models: I ended up buying a wooden plane, two Lego sets, an olive tree, the Polaroid camera, and a few other things. Some objects in scene proved to be too time-consuming or complex to model by hand, so I used Agisoft Photoscan to create the shoes, the croissant, and bread. I got crafty: After a few months of tweaking, I accidentally discovered that I forgot to turn on the sun and the only light source was the V-Ray Sky, so it stayed that way till the end.

Sometimes mistakes can be a good thing. I did not use any special settings or tricks, simply almost standard settings. With V-Ray doing a good deal of the calculating, I was able to spend less time on that and more time on the materials and story. I had to play with the Burn Value in Color mapping to avoid too many overly bright areas.

I was planning to DOF it later in the post-production process, but someone thank you, Anders changed my mind. Not only does it render a little bit faster, but the quality of it is way better, and I don't think a zdepth pass can compare. What's the story? Now a little bit about my favorite part about this project: HER is so much more than a project about a Scandinavian apartment - I think it's a very poetic project. I tried to design the story in such a way so that everyone can interpret it differently.

Most of the objects are not random assets meant to simply fill the apartment - they actually represent and mean something for my girlfriend and me. The ticking clock at the beginning and the end represents time passing as we're together.

In the very last shot of the movie, four lights turn on, representing our four years spent together. If you look closely, there is even a message for Ania hidden somewhere in there see if you can find it! Even the title I chose has two different meanings: I'm hoping everyone who watches will interpret it in their own way.

Post production There isn't much to say about the post production, becauseā€¦ there isn't a lot of it! I'm pretty happy about how the raw renders turned out. Here's a breakdown of a few shots: Software used: Autodesk 3ds Max , VRay 3.

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Is MotionBuilder 2015 worth buying?

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