How much is it a month for Microsoft Office Home & Student?

Office Personal is the subscription plan designed for a single person who needs Office on a single computer. Office gives you access to download and use the latest version of Office.

You can either subscribe through your Microsoft account with a credit card or buy yearly Office codes and add them to your account to redeem subscription time. Microsoft also offers a one-month free trial of Office Personal , so you can try it before paying anything. However, it also includes Outlook, Publisher, and Access. In addition, you get 1 TB of online storage space in OneDrive and 60 minutes of Skype minutes every month. You can use these minutes to call phones from Skype.

You can only download and use Office through Office if your subscription is current. If you stop paying for the subscription, you lose access to your Office applications.

Just deactivate the license from your Windows PC and install it on your Mac. Office Home: An Office Subscription for Up to Five People Office Home is the subscription plan designed for families—or people who need Office on more than one computer at a time.

Office Home includes everything Office Personal includes, but for up to five computers instead of one computer. Do lots of people buy personal versions and then work on their business anyway? Lots of us work from home and have side projects. Is this allowed on personal office plans? Honestly, I have no idea. This is a vestige of the old Microsoft Office days when work was clearly split between home and office environments. Now that work has moved to the cloud and we can work from anywhere, all the lines have been blurred.

Thankfully, this is a non-issue for the most part. We have an in-depth article that breaks down the difference between them here.

The Office plans do have one major weakness though. Every time I go back to the Office business pricing, I think to myself: It makes no sense. When sitting up an office suite for your company, you also want to set up your company email. G Suite pioneered this by bundling the Google Doc apps with Gmail. Giving a new person at your company an office suite and company email at the same time removes a ton of headaches. Unfortunately, only the lowest and most expensive Office business plans include company email.

But the apps include most of what I use on PCs. You do have to sign in with a Microsoft account, but you can create one for free. On Apple devices, a subscription would unlock about two dozen features, such as inserting section breaks and tracking changes between drafts.

Some power users might need these, but I don't. There are fewer features available for Android phones and tablets, whether free or for pay. Microsoft says the Android apps will catch up, as well as the version for Windows phones. Pay once, never again Can't live with just a smartphone or tablet?

So why pay again and again? Outlook, Access and Publisher. That can be five PCs you have, or five individuals in a household.

How much is it a month for Microsoft Office Home & Student?


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