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You can compare two. You can manually trigger Content prefetch in Windows Store applications. You can inspect the values of individual objects when you debug managed memory from a dump file with heap. Windows Phone 8. Entity Framework 6. Entity Framework EF 6. For detailed information on EF 6. The new features in this release include the following: Tooling consolidation provides a consistent way to create Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price new EF model. This feature extends the ADO. Handling of transaction commit failures provides the new System.

Code First then creates a corresponding index in the database. In past releases this API was internal. Ability to configure interceptors by using the App. Migrations model change detection has been improved so that scaffolded migrations are more accurate. Performance of the change detection process has also been greatly enhanced.

Performance improvements include reduced database operations during initialization, optimizations for null equality comparison in LINQ queries, faster view generation model creation in more scenarios, and more efficient Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price of tracked entities with multiple associations. The XAML-based template provides a starting point for easily incorporating text, images, and menus into games for use as Heads-Up-Displays, status messages, settings, and so on.

Graphics Frame Analysis is supported for helping to diagnose performance issues in DirectX-based games and applications. Some functional improvements are made for Graphics Diagnostics: Up to 30 consecutive frames can be captured at one time. Names of objects and resources defined by the developer are now exposed throughout the user interface UI.

HTTP and custom protocol handlers can be used for performance event annotations. Depth-Stencil Buffer viewing is now supported. Performance events that are MVC related now provide an option to go to either the action or controller Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price in code to investigate an issue. Performance events can now be grouped by entry point and by the slowest node. This reduces the overall number of rows and makes it easier to identify a specific event to investigate.

When you debug an exception event from an IntelliTrace log file, Code Map is now shown with IntelliTrace specific annotations so that interesting parameters can be easily displayed.

This also shows where the exception was thrown by using a new comment on the graph. Assume that you use Git hosted on TFS as source control system, you can access the deployed version of the solution by Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price the iTrace file that is generated by the Microsoft Monitoring Agent, in Visual Studio Ultimate NuGet 2.

Here are the most important points from the release notes. Check the full release notes for more information about these changes. Target Windows Phone 8. Patch Resolution for Dependencies When NuGet resolves package dependencies; NuGet has historically implemented a strategy of selecting the lowest major and minor package version that satisfies the dependencies on the package.

However, unlike the major and minor version, the patch version was always resolved to the highest version. Although the behavior was well-intentioned, it created a lack of determinism for installing packages that have dependencies. The option enables resolving dependencies to Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price lowest possible version that is the default behavior, the highest possible version, or the highest minor or patch version. This option only works for install-package in the PowerShell cmdlet.

DependencyVersion Attribute In addition to the -DependencyVersion option detailed, NuGet has also allowed for the ability to set a new attribute in the nuget. This value will also be Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price by the NuGet Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price Manager Dialog for any install package operations. To set this value, add the following attribute to your nuget. Therefore, it is helpful during an install, uninstall, or update operation to first see what will occur.

Downgrade Package It is common to install a prerelease version of a package in order to investigate new features, and then decide to roll back to the last stable version. Before NuGet 2. By using NuGet 2. Development Dependencies Many different kinds of capabilities can be delivered as NuGet packages, including tools that are used for optimizing the development process. Although these components can Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price instrumental in developing a new package, they should not be considered a dependency of the new package when it is later published.

When it is installed, this metadata will also be added to the packages. When that packages. Individual packages. It is also common to consume different NuGet packages in different project files, as packages have varying levels of support for different platforms.

Fallback to Local Cache Although NuGet packages Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price typically consumed from a remote gallery such as the NuGet gallery by using a network connection, there are many scenarios in which the client is not connected.

Without a network connection, the NuGet client cannot install packages, even when those packages were already on the client's computer in the local NuGet cache.

The cache fallback feature requires no specific command arguments. Additionally, cache fallback currently works only in the package manager console. Currently, the behavior does not work in the package manager dialog box. Bug Fixes One of the major bug fixes is performance improvement in the update-package -reinstall command.

Additionally, this release of NuGet also includes many other bug fixes. There are issues that are resolved in the release.

For a full list of the work items fixed in NuGet 2. This new tool has fast time filtering, fast thread filtering, and an improved Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price My Code experience.

The Performance and Diagnostics hub now lets you run more than one tool to be run at the same time. Data from each tool is correlated on a common timeline for faster and easier performance analysis. Tools Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price can be combined include the following: Release Management After you install the update, the tags perform the same operation across the servers.

If there are server specific actions, the user can always add the specific server and the corresponding actions at that level in the deployment sequence. To configure a group of server by using the same tag implies that you can set values for the whole group and that all the servers in the group therefore share common values for all variables.

The portfolio backlogs have performance improvements during web access navigation. You can query on tags in Visual Studio and through web access. You can apply tags to work items in Visual Studio. You set permissions to designate which users can add new tags.

You can edit tags in the Excel add-in for Team Foundation Server. You can configure non-working days, and these are excluded from burndown charts.

You can configure Cumulative Flow Diagram start dates. You can pin lightweight charts to project or team homepages. You can customize the colors in lightweight charts. The appearance of the project and team homepage has been updated. You can also now use Git tools to revert or amend a commit, push to multiple remotes, and to cancel long-running operations.

Testing Tools Provides to testers and test leads the ability to export test artifacts so that these can be sent by email or as printouts and shared with stakeholders who do not have access to TFS. Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price to testers and test leads the ability to manage test parameter data at one place by using Shared Parameters.

Any subsequent changes to parameter data can be updated at one place and all the test cases that reference the Shared Parameter are automatically updated. You can view default set of performance counters from your application under test Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price Cloud Load testing by using Application Insights service.

TypeScript 1. TypeScript offers developers the advantages of strongly typed languages on top of the flexible, dynamic runtime together with the ubiquity of JavaScript. The enhanced tooling includes IntelliSense, code refactoring, and code navigation.

Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 price

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